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What does Success look like to you?

The Comniscient Group’s culture is a blend of a conducive environment, young energetic people, and friendly veterans. It’s a blend in which trust and respect for each other is implied, and therefore we say People Before Profits.

All Comniscients are encouraged not to act as mere employees of the Group but to think like entrepreneurs and ambassadors of the Group. This is seen as a core value for all Comniscients. Given the Group’s Entrepreneurial Spirit, we always stay in start-up mode and encourage calculated risks.

Since we are all about our people, Creative Friction is the other core value the Group believes in. Brainstorming and thought-sharing is welcome, and the opinion of the majority always carries through.

Comniscient consists of its people and their value, knowledge, and trust. With international standards to ensure Work-Life Balance (work from home, paternity leaves, flexible timing) and our people-friendly outlook, Comniscient ranks high among the most favorable PR agencies to work in. This not only brings out the best in them, but it also ensures working at Comniscient isn’t just a job but career insurance.

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